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WaldrichSiegen was founded in 1840, with a 175 years of experience in the machine tool building expertise, they create energy efficient and maintenance friendly machines and provide high quality down to the most miniscule detail.

They are flexible and cover many applications in the machine tool industry. To name a few:

  • Aerospace industry

  • Military industry

  • Forgeries

  • Roll manufacturing

  • Wind energy

  • Heavy-duty machine manufacturing

  • Energy technology (turbines and generators)

  • manufacturing of large gearboxes (pinion shafts)

  • Manufacturing of crankshafts

  • Contract manufacturing

  • General engineering

Milling Machines

The milling machines has multiple designs:

  • Table design

  • Twin table design

  • Gantry design

  • Bridge gantry design

  • Integrated rotary table design

The machines are compact and smaller.


  • It has reproducible precision over the entire service life thanks to the re-adjustability and mechanical compensation of the cross rail

  • Has high quality cast-iron structural components

  • Excellent damping characteristics for long-term precision over the entire day

  • Masterhead interface for milling units


Grinding Machines

Maximum stiffness and damping of overall machine structure as well as high-precision machine components are crucial for achieving optimium grinding results. They have a rugged design because of this. 

All components are made of high-quality cast iron, manufactured in-house at tolerances within the micrometer range to guarantee long service life and reliability.


Electrical Discharge Texturing (EDT)

  • Extended use of rolls due to increased contact area and defined surface structures with tolerances within the range of micrometers

  • Rolls without flaws can be textured again without regrinding

  • Allows repeatability of exact roughness demanded


Turning Machines

A clear-cut modular machine program covers the completer range of standard machine configurations for machining a broad spectrum of complex workpieces.

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