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Elwa is the leading manufacturer for electric continuous flow heaters for industrial and maritime applications since founded in 1931. Their heaters can be equipped with control equipment and cabinets, measuring equipment or process visualization and applicable to any kind of medium.

Some industries that they cover are as follows:

PowerPlant: Combined Heat and Power Plants, Wind Energy Plants, Nuclear Power Plants, Turbine Oil Supply... etc

Maritime: Cruise Liner, Super Tanker, FPSO, MegaTachts... etc

Industrial: Steel Mill, Pharmaceuticals, Oil Seperators... etc

Electric Flow Heater

All products feature highest quality and flexibility to adapt the heater perfectly to the application.

Operating voltage, specific surface load, material of vessel and protection tubes, position and dimension of connecting flanges… there is almost no limitation to adapt the design to perfectly fulfill the requirements of our customers applications

EFHE 1.1.jpg
Flow HE 1.jpg
Flow HE 5.jpg
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