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Founded in 1935, ECODYNE UET has over 70 years of experience in delivering cost-effective Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers and are used all over the world.

The Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers are customized, highly efficient and meets the API and other international (non-API) standards.

Some industries that benefit from their air-cooling system are:

  • Gas turbine power plants

  • Diesel and gas engine power plants

  • Steel industry

  • Power electronics

  • Petrochemical industry

  • Process technology

  • Communications

Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Ecodyne coolers are designed in different material combinations and can be fitted with a range of accessories.

The coolers are:

  • Excellent price-performance ratio through optimal selection of the dimensions, pressure drop and material

  • Compact

  • Have a low energy consumption

  • Low service and maintenance cost

  • High reliability due to robust design

  • Over 70 years of experience and life time reports

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