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CALOPERM GmbH develops and produces Plate Heat Exchangers feasible to extreme temperatures and pressures in many applications.


Their products allows for the total elimination of elastomer gaskets - a series of plate heat exchangers which are suitable to temperatures in the range between -200 °C to +1050°C and differential pressures up to 250 bar.

Calopyx Plate Heat Exchangers are highly suitable for power, petrochemical, chemicals, process, air treatment, hydrogen technology and refrigeration applications. 

Calopyx Heat Exchanger

Calopyx is a compact, fully welded, gasket-free plate heat exchanger that is suitable for operations for gases, liquids and liquid gas mixes with phase transitions.

  • Allows for High heat exchange performance

  • Large heat exchange surfaces with small dimensions

  • Operating temperatures from -200 °C to +1050°C, depending on material

  • Operating Pressure of up to 250bar

  • Applications also for aggressive and critical media

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