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IN Electrodes

Udo Plante have built on 15 years of experience in the manufacture of more than 240,000 electrodes for EDT machines to widen our expertise to another system type with the development of IN electrodes.

The unsatisfactory purity and homogeneity of traditional powder metallurgical electrodes on the market often cause problems in texturing.

We have identified and solved this problem!

IN electrodes are made from high-purity copper of grades E-Cu, SE-Cu or OF-CU. Casting blocks are hot extruded and the precise copper profile is produced through subsequent drawing.

This creates a homogeneous structure that is free of air pockets, gas bubbles, slag inclusions and other inhomogeneities.

Electrodes produced in powder metallurgical processes are made by pouring copper powder of a particular grain size into a mould and then sintering it at high pressure and high temperature under a protective gas. This is known as HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing).

The homogenous structure of IN electrodes reduces the risk of “banding” on the rollers. Uniform combustion is always guaranteed, unlike with traditional powder metallurgical electrodes.

5 good reasons why you should use IN electrodes instead of electrodes produced in powder metallurgical processes:
Longer service life
Fewer electrode changes
Much better conductivity 62% higher
Homogeneous material with no inclusions (bandings)
Uniform combustion of all IN electrodes

  • Manufactured by: Udo Plante


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