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Plate heat exchangers - Gasketed

Gasketed plate heat exchangers consist of a set of adjoining embossed plates with apertures.

The plates are assembled at a 180° angle to each other, resulting in a flow gap. The gasket, which is mechanically secured or glued onto every plate, ensures that the flow gaps are securely sealed to the outside and from the second medium involved in the heat exchange.

The plate assembly is mounted in a frame and compressed with tightening bolts between the fixed plate and the movable plate.

The gaskets of a plate heat exchanger experience a normal fatigue process over the course of their service life. Depending on the conditions of use, the plate assembly can be re-tightened several times until the lower limit is reached.

The connections of the media involved in the heat exchange are on the fixed plate, but can also be on the moveable plate for multiple-pass flows.

Our product range includes single and multiple-pass plate heat exchangers with heat exchange surfaces of up to 2,000 m².

  • Manufactured by: Funke


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