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Accessories and Options - Milling Heads

For every application, UnionChemnitz provides the adequate milling head. A major part of it is designed and manufactured within the company group.

You can choose from a wide range of aggregates:
Automatic or manually loaded
Manual positioning, automatic positioning in steps of 1° or stepless, automatic positioning (NC)
Vertical, universal and orthogonal heads as well as NC-fork milling heads
Numerous special solutions: Special constructions, motorized spindles for high engine speeds, milling heads changeable through the tool magazine and various other solutions

According to the milling head and machine type, UnionChemnitz offers you milling heads with the following power spectrum:
Technical data
Power kW 14...85
Engine speed range, stepless, max. min-1 5...15,000
Torque,max. Nm 50...6,000

  • Manufactured by: Union Chemnitz


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